Mick Fanning

Mick Fanning put the finishing touches on his remarkable Championship Tour career at the 2018 Rip Curl Pro 17 years after winning the event as a wildcard. In the process, he cemented his legacy as one of Australia’s greatest surfing heroes.

He emerged from a deep pool of talent based out of Coolangatta, on Australia’s famed Gold Coast of Queensland. He was a top prospect there, and earned his 2001 wildcard entry into the Bells event as a star Rip Curl team rider. He qualified for the tour that same year and has spent the better part of two decades as one of the biggest gravitational forces on the Tour, racking up 22 Tour wins, 11 Top 5 finishes and three World Titles.

In 2018, Fanning announced he’d be retiring from full-time competition at the Bells to bookend his journey. While his stats point to a storied career, his global allure comes from things that don’t show in his box score. His razor sharp brand of high-speed surfing has long been the benchmark for the timeless pillars of speed, power and flow.


Considered a premium construction, Neo Carbon fins are precision molded using milled long strand carbon and the highest-grade European resin. This unique material has unparalleled stiffness-to-weight ratio, so they’re not only light but incredibly responsive.

Mick Fanning was instrumental in the development, testing and approval of Neo Carbon. Our aim was to produce a fin that was super light and would actually help surfers generate speed in smaller conditions.

Here’s what Mick has to say about Neo Carbon, “These fins have a real ‘whipping effect’ in smaller waves whereby they propel from one turn into the next. But they’re also stiff enough to load-up without overpowering the flex in the tip”

Mick Fanning’s signature fin has become one of the most popular templates among tour professionals and recreational surfers alike. Sitting in the Carver Family, the MF template is perfect for executing powerful drawn-out turns, and carving on the open face.





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