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Find FCS keel surf fins for smooth and free-flowing surfing on your favourite fish board. Available in both twin and quad setups to suit the FCS II fin system, the FCS keel range offers templates to suit traditional and contemporary board shapes and designs. You’ll find FCS II modern, split and retro keel models, each offering their own characteristics. They’re a great addition to the quiver for surfers across all skill levels.

FCS fins are developed together with the world’s best surfers and shapers, with characteristics and composition honed from the countless hours they’ve spent developing their craft.

What are keel fins?

Harking back to the 70s, the modern keel fin design tends to be broader in the base and have a shorter depth than upright twin or quad fins. This gives them greater hold and stability on large and powerful waves, and reduces the chance of the board skating out on bottom turns. Our keel fins are well suited to fish, funboard, twin fin and other boards, while you’ll also find certain FCS designs developed for specific fish models.

Quality meets innovation

Just as with all of our surf fins, FCS keel fins are built with the highest quality materials and innovative design elements to bring you the best possible surf. We’ve painstakingly refined construction and materials to give you a choice of flex and feel: from stiff and responsive Performance Glass for a more solid grip in strong waves, to Performance Core which offers a consistent feel in a variety of conditions. Whatever your surfing level, style or preference, there are FCS fin characteristics to suit.

FSC II for ease & adaptability

It’s easy to see why the FCS II fin system has become incredibly popular with surfers just as the original Fin Control System was before it. Changing fins with the FCS II system takes seconds and is incredibly easy. Simply roll out the fin that worked for yesterday’s waves and install the right ones to suit today’s, with no screws or tools needed. As such, it’s ridiculously quick and simple to tailor your board setup for the feeling you’re looking for.

What are keel fins good for?

Keel fins are a popular choice for point breaks as they provide grip and smoother transitions right across the wave’s surface. They’ll provide more drive for your cutbacks as you regain momentum, and assist with your turns. With a fin keel-style you can expect excellent drawn-out curves and support when you’re taking the high line. This is the classic twin fin experience, giving you space to enjoy the ride.

What’s the difference between a keel fin and a regular twin fin?

An upright or standard twin fin will typically have greater depth and length than a keel fin, sitting deeper in the water and aiding manoeuvrability with a looser performance style. On the other hand a keel fin gives you extra hold and drive in the water for a grippier, cruisier experience. Keel fins can help you get the most out of a twin fin surfboard on larger waves and ultimately deliver old-school surfing enjoyment.

What’s the difference between a keel fin and a regular quad fin?

Where upright quad fins provide speed and drive on larger waves, keel fins can add hold in the same conditions. Combine the two and you could find the best of both worlds. For example, our FCS II Split Keel Quad Fins add extra control and bite to that racy quad joy.

Are keel fins the best for me?

That will depend on your surfing style, desired experience and the waves! If you're looking for a cruisy ride on larger and gutsy waves, keels can be a top choice.

Check out our FCS fins guide for a rundown on fin characteristics, and head to the find your fin page to narrow down your search for the right product for thruster and quad setups.

We’ve created four fin families to make upgrading easy, whether you’re looking for additional:

  • Balance with the Performer family
  • Speed with the Reactor family
  • Control with the Accelerator family, or
  • Power with the Carver family

You can also find your nearest FCS stockist for some friendly face-to-face advice. And if it’s keel fins you’re after, explore the full range right here, with free express shipping on all fin orders over $80.

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