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Chase speed and double the thrills with FCS twin surf fins, available to suit your retro, traditional, modern and contemporary board designs. We’ve teamed up with some of the world’s very best surfers and shapers to develop a diverse range of twin fins for you to experience, including style from Mick Fanning, Al Merrick and the twin fin master himself, Mark Richards. View the full range of twin fins here, with free express shipping on all fin orders over $80.

What are twin fins?

Twin fins date back to at least the 1940s, but it was 4x world champion Mark Richards, known as MR, who brought them into the mainstream in the 70s. Fast forward to today and twin fins have become a go-to inclusion in every surf quiver. A twin fin surfboard is an ideal option for small to medium surf conditions and delivers an exhilarating combo of speed, lift and manoeuvrability for easier turns. Expect to glide across the wave’s surface with a fast and loose feeling. They’re a great option for easy-going summer waves and performance orientated surfing.

World-class design & construction

At FCS we obsess over innovations in design and construction to bring you the best twin fins around. Think state-of-the-art template and foil profiles; high-quality materials to provide reliability even in extreme conditions, and collaborations with those who understand hydrodynamics like no other. FCS also offers four fin families, making it simple to find a boost in speed, balance, control or power.

Twin fins to suit FCS I and FCS II systems

Our FCS twin fin range features unique templates to suit both the FCS I and FCS II Fin systems, so playing around with different fin configurations is easy and fast. The FCS II system requires no screws or tools at all – simply pop your twin fin set into the fin box and hit the waves. With the FCS systems just one or two boards could conceivably be adjusted to suit a vast range of surfing conditions, multiplying your opportunities for a great surf.

Are twin fins faster than thrusters?

Twin fins tend to be the fastest fin configuration going around because they have no central fin, unless you choose to add a stabiliser fin with the 2+1 setup. Thrusters have three evenly sized fins, and while this configuration provides very high stability, hold and manoeuvrability, it can also add slight drag from the central fin. If it’s speed you’re after, the twin fin setup is a great option.

Are twin fins good for beginners?

Twin fins are great on smaller waves and as such can be a fun setup for beginners. Twin fins can be easy to paddle with, and can provide more excitement and unpredictability as waves get larger. If you’re looking for more bite and control with your drive, you can choose to add a stabiliser fin with the 2+1 setup. A large variety of our FCS twin sets are available with a small stabiliser fin to add control through turns. Of course, it’s always worth broadening your experience across different boards and fin configurations to find the right fit for your style and surfing conditions.

What the difference between a keel fin and regular twin fins?

A twin surfboard can feature either standard or keel fins. Twin keel fins are typically shorter in length but include a larger base than standard upright fins. This gives the keel fin a larger surface area, which helps to add control in bigger surf and for more powerful waves. Keel fins can also provide increased hold for bottom turns, leading to a beautifully smooth experience. FCS has keel twin fin options to suit fish, funboard and twin fin boards.

Are keel twin fins the best for me?

This can really depend on the experience you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a steady cruise or for speed and stability in larger surf, you might consider the keel twin fins. If you’re interested in faster or high performance surfing, our modern upright twin fins can be an ideal choice.

There are various ways to shape your surfing experience. Our find your fin page sets out five easy steps for selecting the right fin setup, fin family and materials to suit your needs, while our FCS fins guide provides details on how various fin characteristics can make all the difference.

You can also drop into our FCS stockists for friendly advice, and shop right here with free express shipping on all fin orders over $80.

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