On the points of Noosa, there are longboarders as far as the eye can see - longboarders attempting to ride artifacts as if they’re in the 60’s; longboarders on softboards; longboarders who ride longboards like they’re shortboards; longboarders who don’t have fins; longboarders who just like laying down and longboarders who just seem to paddle and never catch waves. People of shapes and sizes. Boards that are, well, long.

Longboarders love Noosa Heads.

Shortboarders are a different story. Most don't bother heading to the points unless it was over four-foot, which wasn’t going to happen while FCS was in town. Early forecasts indicated that it was going to be one-foot on the points and anywhere between four-to-six foot on the open beachies.

We needed some conditions that catered to all crafts.

Enter Cooper Davies. Noosa local, QS battler and someone who is just as competent smashing tepees on boards that have one, two or three fins and as someone who has spent countless summers on the Sunny Coast, knows the region like the back of his hand. He was the perfect person to help us steer the FCS ex-military Land Rover in the right direction.


Joining us for the mission was Jack “Twiz” Entwistle, a longboarder who has long been considered one of Australia’s best and someone who can ride a nose and throw down some brutal carve.

So, with a lot of local knowledge, we ignored the snooze buttons on our 4am alarms and got driving south – through suburbia, onto a ferry, past a pub, through more suburbia, over some sand, past some campers and then along an isolated beach that was built more like bitumen than sand. By 6.30am, we were greeted with near perfection and only four guys in the water

Cooper grabbed his twinny. Jack grabbed his log. The following five hours were spent in the brine, with only a small break for a banana, water and some kettle chips.

By midday, the tide had dropped too much, the wind began to puff and both surfers had all their photos and clips in the bag.

“I don’t know if I’ve seen waves stay that perfect for that long,” reckons an exhausted Twiz on the drive back to civilization, knowing we’d just jagged one of those paradise sessions that only seem to happen a few times every couple of years.

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