Whether you’re packing for a trip down the coast or heading to more exotic locations, the Surf Supplies kit is designed to house all your essential travel components in one compact, lightweight and easy-to-access capsule.


Each VSSL comes perfectly organized with high-quality, specially selected items that vary from the lifesaving fire striker, ding and wetsuit repair kits, wax combs to essential wound care and mozzie repellent.


No more digging through messy kits or unorganized boxes - the capsule is organised into 4 quick-access tins, each with components to ensure your journey runs smoothly and trouble-free.

Every VSSL is made with waterproof, indestructible military-grade aluminium, ensuring the essentials inside stay dry and safe in any environment.


Watertight and ultra-compact, it’s built to easily stow in your pack and carry essential surf gear without taking up space or adding excessive weight. Height stands at 7.5" and weight is only 8.4 oz


The 4-mode (bright, dim, red, and SOS) flood-beam flashlight illuminates a large area for up to 40 hours of continuous flashlight operation. Batteries included.

Designed and assembled in Canada, the FCS x VSSL Surf Supplies allows you to carry all the things you might forget to pack on that surf trip without you having to pack them at all.

FCS x VSSL Surf SUpplies Kit


VSSL doesn’t just make quality outdoor gear, they also care about making an impact on their community. Since they first started, VSSL have partnered with Communitas; a not-for-profit that serves young people with special needs.

After all the parts of a VSSL arrive at the warehouse in Abbotsford B.C., they get carefully assembled by some of the exceptional young people that are a part of the Communitas program. We love having them as a part of the VSSL family and are extremely proud of their work; VSSL maintained a defective rate of less than 1% in the entire 4 year history of the brand. Thanks for helping them make a difference.

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