Filipe Toledo

Filipe Toledo represents the tip of the spear in today’s progressive surfing movement. Small in stature but massive with his moves, especially in the aerial realm, this Brazilian tornado’s heart-pounding approach has netted him eight Championship Tour victories since his CT debut in 2013. 

His breakout year came in 2015, when he won three events and finished No. 4. In 2019, he battled for the World Title at Pipeline, finishing the season at No. 4 on the Jeep Leaderboard.


Filipe Toledo's Signature FCS II Fin

When we set out to design this fin with Filipe this is what he told us, “I like riding the Performer, it feels super responsive but sometimes a little twitchy in bigger conditions. I also like the control and confidence I get with a drawn-out fin like the MF. Can you make me something in between those fins that I can ride everywhere, and in any type of waves?”

So with that in mind, we created a fin that sits smack bang in the middle of those two fin templates to deliver the maneuverability and quick response of the Performer, with the hold and drive of a more raked fin like the MF and Carver. We also added a few extra specifics like a subtle bevel on the leading, which improves turning at higher speeds.

After trying out the fin Filipe said, “I’ve been working a lot more on my carving turns, using more power and the rail of my board, and this fin is stiff enough to really let me push hard, but the shape doesn’t stop me from doing faster and tighter turns out of the lip either. For me it has just the right combination, and in terms of weight, it almost feels like my fins aren’t in the board, and that’s a real advantage for a doing airs”.





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